About us

Friendly Yarn for Happy People

We are Greener Wool. We love knitting and we deeply believe in self-fulfilment through creativity and perfection. We create superb knitting yarn sourced from happy sheep grazing local nature reserves. We value our environment and health through a poison free production process and by limiting our footprint. We use natural fibre only.

The Sheep

We source our wool from Natuurpunt’s Mergelland flock. By doing so we support a local and rare breed and the preservation of nature: the sheep graze Natuurpunt’s reserves in South-Limburg. These lands haven’t been treated with chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The sheep are treated well: their tails haven’t been cut, they’re not mulesed and they haven’t been dipped in a chemical bath.

Mergelland sheep are an old long-wool breed with a fine and lustrous fleece. Most of the sheep are white, some are black. They’re particularly suited for grazing on calcareous grasslands.

The Production

The Natural Fibre Company spins our yarn. They specialise in rare breeds. Their site in Cornwall, UK, is actually as local as you can get it. These days, most spinning mills are in faraway countries where wages are low and the use of harmful chemicals is less restricted than in Europe.

Our yarn is currently undyed, using the natural colours of the sheep to produce the different shades.

Our Partners

We prefer to work with small and local companies that value our environment. We prefer to source locally even if local sometimes means all of Europe, because that's as local as it gets for certain activities. We always choose the most environment friendly solution.

Our yarn is spun by The Natural Fibre Company, a small spinning mill in the UK. 

Our website is hosted by Combell, a hosting provider with roots in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our webshop is hosted by Smoolis, a fully multilingual e-commerce platform based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Depending on the destination and your requirements we ship our goods with Bpost or with Sendr, ShopWeDo’s shipping service based in nearby Mechelen.

We ship our goods in FSC certified cardboard boxes and we close them with kraftpaper tape that can be recycled with the boxes.

Jens Wanell in Denmark makes our straight knitting needles from reforested Danish beechwood.

We source our circular needles from Addi in Germany.

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