Greener Wool Mergelland

Mergelland is an aran weight yarn (needle size 4 to 5 mm) spun entirely from the wool of Mergelland sheep. The Mergelland sheep is an old and rare breed, tall and hornless, with a spacious and light fleece. It's a local yarn: we source the fleece for this yarn from Natuurpunt's own Mergelland flock in Limburg.

Mergelland is sturdy and durable, perfect for interior design and outer wear. It's a worsted yarn, which means the fibers have been combed to get them all in the same direction before spinning. That makes for a stronger and smoother yarn, because we think that if you do the effort to knit a garment it should last long!

Aran-weight Yarn
100% Mergelland wool
grown in Belgium
spun in the United Kingdom
Needles or Hook
4-5 mm (us 6-8)
10 x 10 cm (4” x 4”)
17 sts x 24 rows
Weight and Length
50 g (1.8 oz)
about 70 m (77 yds)
undyed, using natural colours only

Patterns for this yarn


Charles is a generous scarf in 1/1 ribs with selvedge, by Jimmy Boulanger. A finished scarf measures about 25 cm by 2 m (10 by 80 inch).


When designing Herru for Greener Wool Madfabcrafts was inspired by their love of traditional ethnic designs with their simple, repetitive, geometric lines and motifs. The yarn’s natural colour palette brings a minimalist, modern result. This cushion cover works equally well in a Scandinavian, minimalist decor, or in a boho interior, not to mention rustic or modern. The natural fibre and colours of Mergelland wool combine perfectly with its texture to give authenticity to the ethnic inspiration.

Herru is a female name from north Africa.


Claude is a beanie with fold in 1/1 ribs, without seam (circular knitting). The nice and round shape of the beanie is made by centring double decreases to the left and the right around four double ribs. Designed by Jimmy Boulanger.


Nadine Grymonprez designed a top down hat for Mergelland and described the pattern on her blog. She wrote in Dutch, but the DeepL translation is good enough to start knitting.

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