Olive Wood Circular Knitting Needles from addi

with olive wood tips and gold cords

The addiNature olive wood needles combine the positive aspects of high-quality wood with a beautiful design. The tips are very stable, beautifully grained and every single tip is unique. They are finished with a natural high-quality wax and fit perfectly in the hand. For this beautiful range of needles addi uses the wood of olive trees that no longer bear fruit, a sustainable and non-polluting raw material. The wood is free of chemical additives. Made in Germany.

EUR 14.00
Tax incl.

We've stocked needle sizes 4 and 4,5 mm in lengths 40 and 50 cm: they're the ones that go with our yarn and patterns and we can deliver them in the normal time.

We gladly backorder any size we do not have in stock. Take into account though that this requires an additional delivery time of about 2 weeks.

In stock:
40 cm 4 mm
50 cm 4 mm
50 cm 4,5 mm
60 cm 8 mm
150 cm 7 mm


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