Cabled Scarf - Inside Crochet

Yarn for the cabled scarf by Annelies Baes in Inside Crochet 97

Annelies Baes designed a beautiful cabled scarf with our Mergelland yarn. The pattern was published in Inside Crochet issue 97. You will need 6 skeins of Mergelland yarn for the scarf as shown in Inside Crochet, all in undyed shades: 2 Chalk, 2 Silver and 2 Slate. You can also mix and match your own colour combination here.
Photography by Leanne Jade Photography for Inside Crochet.

EUR 48.00
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Mergelland is an aran weight yarn (needle size 4 to 5 mm) spun entirely from the wool of Mergelland sheep. The Mergelland sheep is an old and rare breed, tall and hornless, with a spacious and light fleece.
Mergelland is sturdy and durable, perfect for interior design and outer wear. It's a worsted yarn, which means the fibers have been combed to get them all in the same direction before spinning. That makes for a stronger and smoother yarn, because we think that if you do the effort to knit a garment it should last long!

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