Undyed aran size worsted yarn

Mergelland is the first yarn for knitting and crochet we've designed for you. It's an aran weight yarn (needle size 4 to 5 mm) spun entirely from the wool of Mergelland sheep. The Mergelland sheep is an old and rare breed, tall and hornless, with a spacious and light fleece.
Mergelland is sturdy and durable, perfect for your favourite ever-lasting winter sweater. It's a worsted yarn, which means the fibers have been combed to get them all in the same direction before spinning. That makes for a stronger yarn, because we think that if you do the effort to knit a garment it should last long!

EUR 8.00
Tax incl.


Aran-weight Yarn
100% Mergelland wool
grown in Belgium
spun in the United Kingdom
needles or hook
4-5 mm (us 6-8)
10 x 10 cm (4” x 4”)
17 sts x 24 rows
weight and length
50 g (1.8 oz)
about 70 m (77 yds)

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